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Formula decipher

  • 1.  Formula decipher

    Posted 08-24-2020 11:35
    Can someone explain what this Rich Text Formula is doing?:
    //URLRoot() & "db/" & [_DBID_PARAMETERS] & "?a=API_GenAddRecordForm&_fid_24=" & URLEncode ([Week key])& "&z=" & Rurl()

    var text urlInitialize =
    URLRoot() & "db/" & [_DBID_PARAMETERS]
    & "?a=API_EditRecord"
    & "&rid=5"
    & "&_fid_24=" & URLEncode ([Week key])
    & "&apptoken=" & [appToken]
    & "&rdr=" & URLEncode(

    & "?a=API_RunImport&id=10"
    & "&apptoken=" & [appToken]
    & "&rdr=" & URLEncode(

    URLRoot() & "db/" & [_DBID_WEEK]
    & "?a=er&rid=" & [Week RID]
    "<a class = 'Vibrant Primary' title = '' href='" & $urlInitialize & "'>Initialize&nbsp;Product&nbsp;Movements</a>"

    George Bramhall

  • 2.  RE: Formula decipher

    Posted 08-24-2020 15:21
    Edited by Austin K 08-24-2020 15:23
    What specifically are you wanting to know about it? It is hard to give a description of what it is doing exactly without knowing more about the fields, tables, and data that is contained in there.

    At a basic level it is editing a record in the [_DBID_PARAMETERS] table with a record id of 5 and inserting [Week key] into field 24. Then it runs a saved import with an ID of 10 on the [_DBID_WEEKLYPRODUCTSINVTY] table. You then end up on a record in edit mode on the [_DBID_WEEK] table , the record id will be whatever is recorded in [Week RID] on the table the button you are clicking is on/from.

    The _DBID_<insert table name> parts above may be different from the actual table names. You can find out what each table is called by going to the Advanced Settings for a table and it will be at the bottom of the page.

  • 3.  RE: Formula decipher

    Posted 08-25-2020 10:44
    Great thanks, this is exactly the information that I was looking for.

    George Bramhall