Search using API_DoQuery for user type

  • 1.  Search using API_DoQuery for user type

    Posted 27 days ago

    I developed PHP application which using Quickbase JSON API.
    All works fine except when I add the condition for searching by user type field.
    I have tried to search by email or id, but received an empty response.

    Example request without search conditions: 
    {"from":"table_id", "select":[3, 35], "where":""}

    { "data": [ { "3": { "value": 1 }, "35": { "value": { "email": "USER_EMAIL1", "id": "USER_ID1", "name": "USER_NAME1" } }

    Good. I receive a lot of data. 

    But when I run the following query:
    {"from":"table_id", "select":[3, 35] ,"where":"{35.EX.'USER_EMAIL1'}"}

    I get response with empty data. I have tried to enter user email or user id, but no results.

    Why Quickbase does not search by user type field?

    Anastasiya Tarasenko