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Rating field as radio button

  • 1.  Rating field as radio button

    Posted 12-22-2020 15:40


    I am using the rating (0-5) field type with numbers. Is it possible to have this displayed as radio buttons on the form?


    Mackenzie Phillips

  • 2.  RE: Rating field as radio button

    Posted 12-22-2020 17:00
    Edited by Blake Harrison 12-22-2020 17:00

    Not if you're set on using the actual Numeric-Rating field type. If you want to have radio buttons, you would need to have a Text-Multiple Choice type field instead. You can do this and then use the numbers as the options in the drop-down. You would then need a formula field to translate whatever choice into a graphic representation of the number. You would also need a Formula Numeric field to convert the selection to a number for any calculations.

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