• 1.  Adding New Records

    Posted 28 days ago
    I would like to have a grid edit report in one table that adds new records in another table. However, I want to limit the number of records that are added to the quantity that is put in a numeric field. I have something that sorta works, but it does not create individual records, nor can I select the item that I actually need it to be labeled as.
    The first picture is what the grid edit report looks like in the inventory table, but the second is what shows up in my PO table.  

    When I type in information and save it, it creates the following entry in my inventory table, with no information included. It should've created 5 separate entries with the quantity of 1, with a separate entry for each serial number. I have included what it should look like below (different item, same concept). 

    Katlyn Allen