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Issues with Calendars - Any workarounds?

  • 1.  Issues with Calendars - Any workarounds?

    Posted 07-18-2020 16:45
    So I am having a few issues with using the calendar report as part of a dashboard.

    My main issues are:
    • Making the Expanded view default
    • Refreshing the calendar when new events are added to the related table

    On my dashboard, I have a calendar report.
    I can expand it in the dashboard, and I like the view, however, I have to expand it everytime I go to that dashboard.

    Is it possible to have the expanded view be the default so that I don't have to manually expand it everytime?
    I realize I can click on the full report link, which is comparable to the expanded view in size and information presented.
    However, this leads me to my next issue.

    I have noticed that when I add new data to the related table, the calendar does not show the updated events unless I refresh the dashboard where the calendar is. I have gotten around this by adding an html page at the bottom of the home page where the calendar dashboard is located. It refreshes every 30 seconds. But by doing so, I then have to expand the calendar dashboard every time.

    If I go to the full report of the calendar, I cannot auto-refresh it.

    How can I have either the expanded calendar view be default for the calendar widget, with the auto-refresh working below it, or the full report auto-refresh?

    Any thoughts?


  • 2.  RE: Issues with Calendars - Any workarounds?

    Posted 07-18-2020 17:17
    Try this syntax for displaying your dashboard.

    Where 2 is the Page ID# of your dashboard.
    The suffix &ifv=1 will strip away the table bar at the top and your calendar will expand to fill that space.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
    Quick Base Solution Provider
    Your Quick Base Coach

  • 3.  RE: Issues with Calendars - Any workarounds?

    Posted 07-18-2020 17:32
    Thanks Mark! I will give that a try.