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Data Dictionary

  • 1.  Data Dictionary

    Posted 26 days ago
    Our Program Evaluator is asking for a "data dictionary", which is defined as a list of all of the data points in our app. 
    Does qb have a feature that generates this?
    Or would I print the field view of each and every table?
    Thanks! Bridget

    Bridget Lambert

  • 2.  RE: Data Dictionary

    Posted 26 days ago

    @Bridget Lambert

    You could try out using the "App Library".

    What it generates is something very similar to a data dictionary.


    Justin Torrence
    Quickbase Expert, Jaybird Technologies

  • 3.  RE: Data Dictionary

    Posted 26 days ago
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    Very interested in this, but cant get in.  Is this just in the normal app library?

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  • 4.  RE: Data Dictionary

    Posted 26 days ago
    Hi Kyle,

    You can find that application in the normal Quickbase exchange. You would just go to your My Apps page in QB and then select the Explore more apps button that appears on the right side of the page. From there the app is called the Virtual Empower: App Library created by Ryan and it will let you add the application to your existing QB account instead. 

    Evan Martinez
    Community Marketing Manager

  • 5.  RE: Data Dictionary

    Posted 23 days ago
    That worked great!!  Thanks so much for the recommendation and thanks to @Ryan Pflederer for creating such a powerful tool! ​

    Bridget Lambert