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Project management issue - Gantt

  • 1.  Project management issue - Gantt

    Posted 10-22-2019 03:50
    Hi all, I'm trying to build a project management app but can't do it.
    It's pretty simple, there are 3 Workstreams. Under each workstream 3 initiatives. Under each initiative 3 activities.
    Each activity has start date and end date.
    Thus i would like that every initiative picks on the minimum start date, and the maximum end date of its relevant activities, in order to create a classic Gantt in the end. And that everything would be linked.
    Same way, the start and end dates of initiatives would go up to workstreams.

    I have created 1 table for workstreams. 1 table for initiatives. 1 table for activities.

    Do you know how i could do that?

    Also after that i would like to to the same thing for % completion : the progress of each activity would go up the same way and ultimately impact the workstreams automatically.

    Thank you in advance for your time

    Adil Bennani

  • 2.  RE: Project management issue - Gantt

    Posted 10-22-2019 15:47
    Edited by Adam Keever 10-22-2019 16:57
    Hello Adil,

    You have your case well defined. That made it very easy to construct the tables and relationships necessary to fulfill your requirements.

    Here is the end result:

    I started by creating three excel sheets; one for workstreams, one for initiatives, and one for activities. Here is what the data in each sheet looks like:


    ID Initiative
    1 Initiative1
    1 Initiative2
    1 Initiative3
    2 Initiative1
    2 Initiative2
    2 Initiative3
    3 Initiative1
    3 Initiative2
    3 Initiative3

    ID Activities Start Date End Date
    1 Activity1 1/5/2020 2/14/2020
    1 Activity2 12/20/2019 1/18/2020
    1 Activity3 1/16/2020 3/20/2020
    2 Activity1 12/17/2019 1/6/2020
    2 Activity2 11/29/2019 2/25/2020
    2 Activity3 1/2/2020 2/2/2020
    3 Activity1 12/31/2019 2/13/2020
    3 Activity2 11/4/2019 12/9/2019
    3 Activity3 12/7/2019 2/10/2020
    4 Activity1 1/2/2020 2/22/2020
    4 Activity2 11/8/2019 11/24/2019
    4 Activity3 12/17/2019 2/20/2020
    5 Activity1 11/6/2019 1/7/2020
    5 Activity2 12/11/2019 2/4/2020
    5 Activity3 1/12/2020 3/4/2020
    6 Activity1 1/10/2020 3/19/2020
    6 Activity2 10/22/2019 11/7/2019
    6 Activity3 11/30/2019 12/16/2019
    7 Activity1 1/11/2020 3/16/2020
    7 Activity2 11/13/2019 1/2/2020
    7 Activity3 11/26/2019 2/23/2020
    8 Activity1 11/22/2019 12/27/2019
    8 Activity2 11/23/2019 1/11/2020
    8 Activity3 11/21/2019 2/8/2020
    9 Activity1 12/29/2019 2/10/2020
    9 Activity2 1/17/2020 3/30/2020
    9 Activity3 11/12/2019 11/30/2019

    Create each table in Quick Base and then import the data into each table (Record ID#'s will be assigned based on the order of the records and that is where the ID columns in the sheets come in to play for adding relationships later):

    Be sure this checkbox is checked:

    And each filed should be set to "Create New Field": 

    Add a checkbox field for identifying complete activities and a formula numeric field to count complete activities in the activities table:
    Use this formula in the [Count] field:
    [Complete]=true, 1, 0)​

    Create the first relationship:
    One initiative to many activities; add summary fields for max end date, min end date, # of activities and total count completed:
    Be sure to select ID as the reference field:

    Create a formula numeric field in initiatives table to calculate the percent complete:

    Create the second relationship:
    One workstream to many initiatives; add summary fields for max max end date, min min end date, # of activities and total total count completed:
    Be sure to select ID as the reference field:

    Create a formula numeric field in the workstreams table to calculate the percent complete:

    There you have it.

    Adam Keever

  • 3.  RE: Project management issue - Gantt

    Posted 10-23-2019 09:42
    Here is what the initiatives table looks like:

    and you can add lookup fields in the initiatives to activities relationship to lookup the initiative and the workstream so that those details can be seen in the activities table:

    Adam Keever