How to use percentage in Gauge Chart

  • 1.  How to use percentage in Gauge Chart

    Posted 24 days ago
    I have a table summarizing a tasks child table. I have summaries for "# of tasks"​, "# of active tasks"​, and "# of completed tasks"​.

    I made a Report Link to show the Gauge chart of tasks per entry in its own form. But I can't get a formula field to accurately calculate in the Gauge chart. It's calculating 162.5% for some reason when it's supposed to be 4%

    Formula Perc Comp: [# of Tasks]/[# of Completed Tasks]/100

    Gauge chart settings:
    (Formula Perc Comp) Summarized by: summed
    Start at 0
    Goal is 1

    How do I make the gauge chart show correctly show the entry's completed tasks percentage?

    Alexandria Lewis