Run a query as part of a rich text field

  • 1.  Run a query as part of a rich text field

    Posted 9 days ago
    I have a button in a rich text field that is only active when a number of criteria are met.  A situation was uncovered this week where one of the conditions is not possible because the order predated the point where we went live with the verification process.  That verification is required before the button can be clicked.  My first thought on a work around is to add a field to manually enter the verification ticket number and amend the verification criteria to the verification status of the system generated ticket is approved or there is a value in the manual ticket field, something like this:
       If(...[Verification Status] = "Approved" or [Manual Ticket] != ""...)

    The problem with this approach is all this will do is verify if there is anything in the manual ticket field.  Could I create a variable to call a query something like:

    var text status = {query string};
    var bool isValid = $status = "Approved";

    Will this approach work or is there a better approach?

    Paul Peterson