Issue Creating Connection for Synced Tables

  • 1.  Issue Creating Connection for Synced Tables

    Posted 02-06-2020 14:33
    Anyone else having issues creating a connection to link 2 of your apps?

    I've done it before, and just last week I made a connection between apps in 2 different realms and that connection still works fine.

    Today I am trying to create a connection between two of my apps and it keeps timing out with this error:
    Reading the QuickBase QBI_GetDBInfo response from sesgroup.quickbase.com/db/bpupp4gyp?act=QBI_GetDBInfo failed.ClientProtocolException: null

    Double checked my name and password. Also tried using a user token instead. Fails every time. Contacted support and they are out of ideas. Coming to the community to see if there are any ideas, or more importantly if anyone else is having this same problem.

    I'm using a PC and tried it on both Chrome and IE.

    Mike Tamoush