• 1.  Unique Child Records

    Posted 06-11-2020 10:19
    We're an events business with multiple people working multiple days on an event. Our tables are set up as Events > Event Dates > Event Crews > Crew Members, where Crew Members are assigned to work on one or more days for the event. The Event ID (record ID) is passed through each table, so they all can be linked back to the main event. 

    I'm trying to automate our invoicing process by triggering an email via timestamp automation, but it currently sends an email to every child record for the event. I'd like it to only send to unique child records - similar to a summary report. 

    I thought I needed to find a way to identify or checkmark formula the maximum related record, but that only identifies the max record ID for all child records related to that event....not maximum per Crew Member per event. 

    Any thoughts on what to try next?

    I watched Kirk Trachy's video on "Finding the number of unique records...." and don't think that copying records as they're added to another table will work. We often have last-minute replacements or create our child records from a template in bulk, which wouldn't update in the second table.