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Formula Field Showing "empty" in Notifications

  • 1.  Formula Field Showing "empty" in Notifications

    Posted 11 days ago

    I have a notification setup that pulls data from several fields in my application. One of the fields it pulls from is [Projected Sale Price] which is a numeric currency formula field.  The field works as expected on the form, however when it triggers the notification, the field on the notification is empty.

    For the sake of clarity: The form may be saved several time before the notification is triggered by a specific criteria (in other words, the [Projected Sale Price] is not updated without the form being saved first, the criteria that triggers the notification has nothing to do with the [Projected Sale Price], the notification is set up only as a Single Record Version.

    This is likely a very simple issue that I haven't run into before. If you have any advice, please let me know.



    Josh Collins

  • 2.  RE: Formula Field Showing "empty" in Notifications

    Posted 11 days ago
    On rare occasions I have had notifications which were flaky. I had to rebuild them from scratch. You might try doing a test notification with just that one field to see if it works, and if it does work then enhance the Notification to rebuilt it form scratch and delete the old flaky one.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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