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Dynamic Rules Question

  • 1.  Dynamic Rules Question

    Posted 11-04-2019 13:17
    I am using a File attachment field as a trigger field in a dynamic rule to change a date field to required. Is there a way to have the trigger occur immediately after a document is uploaded vs. having to try to save the record and then getting the required field error message appear indicating that the date field is required?

    George Bramhall

  • 2.  RE: Dynamic Rules Question

    Posted 11-04-2019 18:16
    Edited by Austin K 11-04-2019 18:26
    This happens with some things in QuickBase. After you upload the file you need to interact with the form in some way, pick something from a dropdown or enter some text, and you will see the form rule suddenly trigger. This can be a little annoying. It's similar to how when you enter a date into a field nothing will trigger until you click outside the field.

    Are there any other things on the form? You might be able to get away with placing the File Attachment on the form in a better spot so that the user uploads the file and has to take other actions after that before getting to your date field. Maybe they could categorize the upload in a dropdown, something. I know this isn't the best solution but it might work.

  • 3.  RE: Dynamic Rules Question

    Posted 11-05-2019 11:04
    Hi George,

    As Austin mentioned one trick with that is things like Form Rules and Formulas don't start to  assess changes to a field until a user clicks out of them. One trick I have seen a user put in place is they made sure a field that needed to be included appeared below it so the user would click away. They also went one step further and included a formula that displayed on that form itself to let a user know what required things were missing on a record and gave instructions that updated as the user went through the steps that included telling them to click into a specific field to get their form rules to update if they were cascading like you mentioned.

    Evan Martinez
    Community Marketing Manager
    Quick Base