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Calculate Federal Holidays into Due Date

  • 1.  Calculate Federal Holidays into Due Date

    Posted 03-05-2020 15:44
    Hi All, 

    I have a calculated due date field that counts from a numeric length. The formula takes into account the current date, or any date input into a date field, and then adds the numeric length to that to calculate the final due date field. This takes into account days/months/or years. It currently does not take into account workdays, which I think is an easy fix with ToWeekdayN and isWeekday formulas, but what we cannot figure out is how to calculate if any days within the time period that is being calculated is a federal holiday. Our first thought was to create a Federal Holiday table, and do a query to run through all of the dates. Any ideas on how we could accomplish this?


  • 2.  RE: Calculate Federal Holidays into Due Date

    Posted 03-05-2020 16:54
    Edited by Austin K 03-05-2020 16:59
    There looks to be multiple solutions posted here but I cannot speak to how they work. It will depend how far out you need to look for holidays though from what I understand.

    There is also this one but the links are broken in most of it. You might be able to get the archives through Google or Archive.org, they may or may not help. I would try searching for the full URL they posted. Google might find it and then click the little down arrow next to the link and choose "cached" and it will work. You may need to search for only partials of the URL, this is more of a process you just have to go over.