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Multi User Fields and Relationships

  • 1.  Multi User Fields and Relationships

    Posted 27 days ago
    I currently have a request from our training department to create a training roster table that will include the type of training, dates, credit hours and participants among some other info. The creation of that table was easy enough but they also want each training event entered into the table to feed back into an Employee table previously created. That table shows all of the information entered into the application for each employee so they only have to go to one place to view it.

    In the training roster table I have set up 2 multi-user fields that allow the trainers to select up to 40 participants. This is where the issue lies. I created another field to convert the user info to a text email field so I can set up the table to table relationship. The relationship works when entering one user but the moment another one is entered no information is transferred. I assume that the key field in the Employee table is only looking for one value and can not handle 2 or more. 

    Does anyone know how to create a table relationship with a multi-user field that will feed info entered into the child table to each individual Employee record on the parent table? Or will I have to have the trainer add a new entry for each participant for any given class?

    John Arniotis

  • 2.  RE: Multi User Fields and Relationships

    Posted 27 days ago
    While using a multi select field can seem expedient in the short term in fact it is completely useless for what do you want to do.
    You need to have a many to many relationship between Employees and Training Events.
    The "middle" join table might be called Employee Training Events.

    So One employee has many Employee Training Events
    One Training Event has Many Employee Training Events.

    That will allow allow you to be sitting on an employee record and easily see all the employee training events they have attended and
    Also to be sitting on a training event and see all the employees who attended that event.   

    I realize that the data entry for this is a little more difficult than a multi select field. But if you want to contact me off-line I can set you up with a quick way to add employees to a particular training event so they can be added as quick as somebody can click click click.also to be easily looking at a training event and easily see which employees are scheduled to attend or have attended  that event. 

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
    Quick Base Solution Provider
    Your Quick Base Coach