Dynamic Ranking/Prioritization Functionality

  • 1.  Dynamic Ranking/Prioritization Functionality

    Posted 27 days ago

    Users want ability to provide a rank from 1 to n to a list of projects and have those rank values change dynamically.

    For example, a list of 10 projects are each given a priority rank 1-10. Users would be able to change rank and have subsequently numbered projects shift accordingly; moving project from rank 10 to rank 8 would shift 8 & 9 to 9 & 10 ranking. If a new project came in a rank 3, current 3-10 would be adjusted to rank 4-11 and so on.

    Since this 1-n list will be larger in volume it would be best if we could provide a drag and drop feature like the kanban board views allow but in a vertical fashion that captures the positioning within the kanban board itself. It is important to capture the rank in the list as it needs to be carried through the life cycle of the project. 

    Please share any ideas, work arounds, solutions, etc for this problem as I know this is not something Quick Base offers 'out-of-the-box'. 

    Thanks in advance,
    Jennifer Paschal