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Color Coding

  • 1.  Color Coding

    Posted 11-01-2019 13:20
    Does anyone have a formula for highlighting a list of words that should not be in a specific field? For example: when a staff member is typing in comments about a day and use the word "agitated". which is not to be used in comments. How do I get the word "agitated" to be highlighted so when I'm browsing the comments it's easy to spot.

    Joshua Crunelle

  • 2.  RE: Color Coding

    Posted 11-01-2019 14:09
    Edited by Adam Keever 11-01-2019 14:21
    You could create a formula text field and use the Contains() function in an If() statement to return "agitated" if the filed contains the word agitated. Then you can make a table report filtered to only show records that return the word "agitated." You can do color coding of a field, but not a single word without custom coding.

    Contains([specific field],"agitated")=true,"agitated",


    Report filter:


    Adam Keever

  • 3.  RE: Color Coding

    Posted 11-01-2019 14:56
    Using a formula; and if you have a long list of "inappropriate" words; you might want to build a List() formula - you can then use a form rule to abort the save when the formula contains an output.  The visual on screen will notify the User they have used inappropriate words; but the form rule will prevent them from ignoring it.

    Laura Thacker (IDS)
    (626) 771 0454

  • 4.  RE: Color Coding

    Posted 11-01-2019 15:37
    Great suggestion Laura. You could also use the recently added data rules function in the table advanced settings to achieve the same ends:

    Adam Keever