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How Should I setup My User?

  • 1.  How Should I setup My User?

    Posted 27 days ago
    I'm looking to find out the best way for an old/new user(s) being setup. We previously had an employee setup with access to Quickbase -- let's say name is Minnie Mouse. The email address associated with the user account is the company email address, minnie.mouse@companyemail.com. This employee/user was a part of our workforce reduction back in March. However, she is now being brought back but as a part-time contract employee which means she will be using her personal email address, minniem@gmail.com. There's a high possibility in the future, however, that she will return to her full-time status.

    How can I give her access to Quickbase using her new email address, minniem@gmail.com, so that it doesn't affect anything when she returns to full-time status and has to go back to using her company email, minnie.mouse@companyemail.com

    To add another layer to this discussion, I have a Task Assigned To user field (displaying the full name) that is on our task forms that have old tasks with her name in them, as these are tasks she was assigned and handled.  Since this field will be used again, I'm not sure how both will display her name and how we will distinguish to end-users which name in the list to select.

    Danaya Bryant
    Business Analyst
    The van Halem Group
    Atlanta GA

  • 2.  RE: How Should I setup My User?

    Posted 24 days ago
    Hi Danaya,

    Is the goal that you looking to have your user have all their tasks and records stay connected even as their email changes from their work email to their private email and then back again? Cause it is possible if the user can sign in to their QB account still that the user can update which email is attached to that user, that would allow them to transition to their personal email for a period of time and then when/if they rejoin your team full time they could change that user to have their work email when they have access to it again. That would mean they would still be connected to their old tasks, able to be added to new tasks and access QB with their personal email, and then in the future transition back and have one user that followed them throughout. Otherwise when adding that new user if you want it to be distinct the best idea would probably be to have her specifically call out she is a temp user in her user name so that you can distinguish between the two. I hope that suggestion is helpful.

    Evan Martinez
    Community Marketing Manager
    Quick Base