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Automations: Minor annoyance

  • 1.  Automations: Minor annoyance

    Posted 01-15-2020 14:21
    Edited by Andrew Fry 01-15-2020 14:30
    I have two automations that play nice but one always seems to cut in front of the other. It is kind of annoying.

    In table 1, I have an embedded report/form (grid edit) from table 2.
    When I go to create a new record in table 1, I fill out all of the pertinent info as well as input info in the table 2 grid edit for a few records.

    No records have been created as of this point.

    When I save the record in table 1, the two automations are supposed to input notes.
    There is an automation for table 1 that states: When a record is added to table 1, input a note in the notes table.
    There is a similar automation for table 2 that states: When a record is added to table 2, input a note in the notes table, it also associates/relates the note to the table 1 record the table 2 record is related to.

    The issue I am having, and it is more of an annoyance than anything, is that once I save the new table 1 record, with new table 2 records (via the embedded report), the table 2 automation always seems to fire first, then the table 1 automation, then the table 2 automation for any remaining new records in table 2.

    Example: I could have 5 new table 2 records and the automation would add a note for the first table 2 record, then a note for the table 1 record, then 4 additional notes, one for each of the remaining table 2 records.

    I would prefer the automations to add a record in order based upon the parent-child relationship that table 1 & 2 have. So, a note is added for the table 1 record, then 5 notes for the table 2 records.

    I thought about adding an additional action to the Table 1 automation to add the table 2 notes, but that would be dependant upon the table 2 records always being added via a table 1 record and that table 1 record being new. Sometimes I have to add a new table 2 record to an already existing table 1 record, so hence the need to have separated automations.

    It really isn't that big of a deal, it doesn't break anything, but from a visual standpoint, it really doesn't look that good.

    Any thoughts? Is there a way to "pause" certain automations related to a child record until the automation for the parent record has run its course?


  • 2.  RE: Automations: Minor annoyance

    Posted 01-15-2020 15:02
    Edited by Justin Lapier 01-15-2020 15:15


    Someone may have a different solution than this, I thought it up real fast.

    1. Send the parent Date Created field down through the relationship.
    2. Create a new formula-checkbox field on Table 2 called something like "Created with Parent". This field doesn't need to be on the form, or visible to anyone.
    3. The formula would be something like this: ([Date Created] - Minutes(2)) <= [Test Parent - Date Created] which basically states, the date created of the child record - 2 mins is less than or equal to the Date Created of the parent. Essentially telling us that it was created the same time.

    Keep the two automations, but modify.

    First Automation (When a record is created in table 1):

    1. Add note for Table 1 record.
    2. Add notes to all child records where "Created with parent" is true and related parent equals Table 1 Record ID#.

    Second Automation (When a record is created in table 2):

    1. Add note for record when "Created with parent" is false.

    This "should" work to solve that annoyance, if not let me know, and I am sure I could brainstorm another way.

    Justin Lapier
    Synctivate Inc.
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