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March Table Report Update

  • 1.  March Table Report Update

    Posted 28 days ago
    Edited by Alice Hinshaw 28 days ago

    First, I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone currently participating in the New Table Report Early Access Program and in particular, thank you to those of you who have submitted feedback or taken our survey.

    You all have had a ton of awesome feedback for us and I want you to know we've taken it to heart. This month we're rolling out a bunch of exciting enhancements based in large part on feedback from our EA participants!

    Here are the highlights:

    1. New pagination controls

      We heard you loud and clear that it was difficult to move from page to page with pagination controls that scroll out of view at the top of the report. This month we're introducing new controls that will stick to the bottom of your window, so they'll always be there when you need them.

      Click on the < or > arrows to advance one page backward or forward, on the numbers themselves to move to a page that closely neighbors the current page, or type directly in the box to skip to a specific page.

    2. Table bar/more menu functions
      We heard from lots of folks that items in the table or more menu that weren't yet available were preventing them from using the new table report more broadly.
      With that in mind, we did some research to determine which features were most heavily used and have started down the path of building these out.
      This release we'll be including:
      • Grid Edit
      • Download Report (formerly known as Save as Spreadsheet)
      • Email
      • Print
      • And a “coming soon” tag to other options we’ll be working on including in future releases.

    3. Color coding

      Speaking of critical functionality, many of you also requested we include color coding as it plays a big role in many of your workflows.

      This Sunday, we'll also be introducing a new color-coding design. The strong color will be displayed in a "chiclet" on the left-hand side of the row with the rest of the row displaying 10% opacity of the same color.

      Deciding on a new model for color coding was such an interesting challenge. I'm going to write a post just on that. Stay tuned!

    4. Column filtering enhancements

      Since our last community post in January, column filters have improved by leaps and bounds. Now, you can filter almost any field on the fly in the column heading, spreadsheet style.

      Depending on the type of data and number of options, you may be presented with a dropdown or a text box.

      New in this release, multi-select fields will now offer a dropdown when the number of options present in the field is < 100.

      Making decisions about how to build a particular feature in Quick Base is always a constant balancing act between giving the builder the power to customize the experience while still giving end users the flexibility and power to get the information they need. Column filters are a prime example of this. Currently we're giving power to the end user by allowing them to filter almost any column they have access to. That said, we are keeping an ear out to understand how many folks would like an extra control to limit filter options.

    5. Bug fixes and performance improvements

      Along with all of the flashy, exciting improvements mentioned above, we've also continued, as always, fixing bugs as we go and improving performance of the report. In this release, we've fixed a sorting issue affecting long, grouped reports and improved performance when the report is grouped on a user field.

      Next up, we will be addressing the horizontal scroll issue a number of you mentioned in your feedback. Our developers are working on a fix for this as I'm writing this now, so we should have this resolved by the April release.

      If you're interested in participating in our early access program for the new table report, but are not yet involved, please make sure you have registered based on the instructions in our monthly release notes. We are inviting more and more participants every day.

      If you are exceptionally passionate about working with us on this topic and being part of the cutting edge in Quick Base and have not yet received an invite to the program, please reach out to your account team at Quick Base so that they get in touch with the right people on our product team to advocate for you.

    Alice Hinshaw - Quick Base Product Manager

  • 2.  RE: March Table Report Update

    Posted 27 days ago
    This is awesome. Thanks for all of your work and for the update Alice.

    Adam Keever

  • 3.  RE: March Table Report Update

    Posted 27 days ago
    Amazing work. The color code will be a great feature and huge improvement in the user experience.

    Derek Hutchinson
    Business Process Manager
    PSG Dover
    Grand Rapids, MI