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Report Link on Report

  • 1.  Report Link on Report

    Posted 30 days ago

    When using a report link on a form (or on a report) and using the 'Display a link to the records' option, is there a way to select the drilldown report? Or can you only view the default report?

    Mike Tamoush

  • 2.  RE: Report Link on Report

    Posted 30 days ago

    As far as I'm aware, if you use the link instead of showing the records on the form, you have to use the default report.

    Blake Harrison
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  • 3.  RE: Report Link on Report

    Posted 30 days ago

    no and yes.

    Natively, when you click the report link button you only get the default report.   I really want to control the target report, then the rick is to make a Report of the target records with an <ask the user> filter and then construct a formula URL to run the report and self answer the <ask the user> question, thus landing the user directly on the target report.

    Typically that URL will look like

    URLRoot() & "db/" & [_DBID_Target_Table] & "?a=q&qid=99&nv=1&v0="

    & URLEncode([field on the parent record which knows the answer to the <ask the user> question])  

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
    Quick Base Solution Provider
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