• 1.  Ajax Required?

    Posted 10 days ago
    I read the script for creating a median value from a view in quickbase and find it awesome!   The only thing is, I don't have an ajax server or whatever ajax calls.  So, while I was able to run your script on your page, I could not run it on mine.  Is it possible to build an array from a get results set without using AJAX or other external processing things?

    I can say teh following works for me, if that tells anything about what capabilities i DO have?

    function median(values) {
    values.sort( function(a,b) {return a - b;} );
    var half = Math.floor(values.length/2);
    if(values.length % 2)
    return values[half];
    return (values[half-1] + values[half]) / 2.0;
    var list1 = [11,1,300,2,253,24,322,3,8,4,215];


    I'm just trying to find a way to turn a quickbase query command into an array so I can use the abve logic on it..   Any thoughts?

    William Metz