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Prevent Notifications to yourself

  • 1.  Prevent Notifications to yourself

    Posted 16 days ago
    Good afternoon all!

    I have a table for tasks.  Within the tasks table I have a field with a user list called Additional Task Followers.  This way we can select who gets notifications.  I also have a field for Assigned To which is the person the task is assigned to.

    I have a formula field for Users To Receive Notifications and it combines these two lists.  So it takes Assigned To and Additional Task Followers and makes them one list.

    I have a notification setup so that anytime a task is added, changes, etc. it notifies this Users To Receive Notifications list.  How do I exclude the person making the changes?  It is annoying to get notifications emails everytime we do something.  But the problem is I need to do it dynamically as multiple people could edit that task.

    Ivan Weiss

  • 2.  RE: Prevent Notifications to yourself

    Posted 5 hours ago

    I just utilized a test app, and setup this formula to accomplish what you outlined here:
    var text Users=UserListToEmails(ToUserList(ToUserList([Assigned To]),[Additional Task Followers]));
    var text LastModifiedEmail=UserToEmail([Last Modified By]);


    You could continue the pattern to contain all 20 possible choices for your List-User field. With this formula list user field in place, you would then trigger your notification to go to this list, and it will exclude whomever last edited the record.

    Eric Mohlman