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Sharing Related Numeric Summary Data Across Tables

  • 1.  Sharing Related Numeric Summary Data Across Tables

    Posted 07-03-2017 16:31
    I have an app that catalogs and calculates attainment rates for objectives and competencies.  I am having trouble getting data to pass through the objectives tables to the competencies table.  

    Course Objectives- table 1
    Assessments- table 2
    Competencies- table 3

    Each course has a series of objectives that are assessed through 1 or more assessments and the objectives can be linked to one or more competencies. Basically Objectives has a one to many relationship with each of the other tables

    The course objective is the reference field linking the Course Objectives table (table 1) to each of the other two tables.  The assessment table holds the data that I want to also share into the Competencies table.  Right now I can get the data to roll-up into an average rate (through a numeric summary field) for each objective but cannot get that same data link through the objectives table or with a new relationship between Assessment and Competencies.

    I'm pretty certain there is an easy solution but after playing with this a few times I'm seeking guidance- thank you in advance.

  • 2.  RE: Sharing Related Numeric Summary Data Across Tables

    Posted 07-03-2017 22:46
    You have not clearly stated your goal.

    I am going to make the assumption that all you are looking for is to show on each Competencies Competency record , the Assessment details as an embedded report for the Assessments where they share a common Objective.

    Many new QuickBase app builders assume that you need to have a relationship in order to have en embedded report on a form.  But that is not true.  You can create a report link (which makes an embedded report on a form) between any tables, even across different apps as long as they ave some field values in common.

    So ... just go to the Competencies table and create a report link field called Assessments.  Then configure the field to have the [Related Objective] on the left side and on the right side navigate to your app and the Assessment table and select [Related Objective].

    Then just put the report link field of [Assessments] on the Competencies form and set the form properties to show the records right on the form as opposed to just a link.  Then, typically you would create an unfiltered report for the fields and sort that you want and set the form properties to use that report for the embedded report.