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Color Date Field

  • 1.  Color Date Field

    Posted 06-08-2017 13:44

    I have several records/projects which all have the same milestones.  I have created 11 DATE fields to represent the 11 milestones.  I have also created 11 CHECKBOX fields to indicate a particular milestone is complete.

    What I want:  Each milestone for each project will have a predetermined date.  When a milestone completes, I do not want to overwrite the predetermined date.  Instead, I want to color the field to indicate it is complete, and still have the predetermined date visible.  Which is why I created the Checkbox fields, thinking I could do a formula where IF Checkbox Field Yes, then Color DATE field Grey.  (The checkbox fields will be on 1 report, and the date fields on another report)

    Can I make this work?

  • 2.  RE: Color Date Field

    Posted 06-09-2017 03:55
    short answer:
    Exactly the way you described, No.

    Long Answer:
    If you want to add some color and have reporting and flexibility of the milestones I'd recommend making those "milestones" into a child table.

    Then you can color the rows based on any criteria, and it make it much easier in the future if you add or remove a milestone from your workflow.
    It also makes management of those dates simple without having to rely on 22 different fields (and form rules to boot)