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Making Quickbase work with Sql Server

  • 1.  Making Quickbase work with Sql Server

    Posted 11-10-2018 13:14
    Thanks to GDPR and Data Privacy acts, I need to keep critical customer and employee data on a SQL server hosted in our company's data center. I have three needs and would want opinion from experts on how to move forward:
    1)- In a QB form, if i enter a employee number, I want the form to reach to the SQL server and extract the employee data and show it in quickbase form. I don't want the data which I have pulled to be saved in Quickbase.
    2)- In the QB form, how can  i build a search screen for all employee.
    3)-  In the Quickbase Report, how can i pull the data while report of a record is being listed. To explain better, the record which i would save in form in step 1 will have the employee id. Now in report I want to show employee name and other related fields. How do i construct a report in such a scenario ? I am willing to try something outside quickbase for the same.

    Dinesh Rampal
    Quickbase Enthusiast

  • 2.  RE: Making Quickbase work with Sql Server

    Posted 11-13-2018 15:47

    I've done something similar with Ruby SDK and Rails framework. This will provide a new front end with QB and SQL Server as the backend databases.