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Mass upload to a specific table while leveraging fields from related tables.

  • 1.  Mass upload to a specific table while leveraging fields from related tables.

    Posted 04-05-2017 01:37
    I have a list of new records i would like to upload to a specific table.  My problem is there are two fields in this spreadsheet that pull from related tables.  In my spreadsheet i intend to use for the upload i have the key field identifier from each other those other tables but cannot figure how to upload the data.  For example:  i am uploading a bulk of new orders with order related fields.  However, one field is an address that comes from a different table (identified in the upload spreadsheet by the key field in the "address" table) and a "department" field that also identifies the department key field.  Each of those two fields ultimately bring in a variety of other information in reports so i need to establish that relationship during the upload.  How do i make that relationship during a mass import?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

  • 2.  RE: Mass upload to a specific table while leveraging fields from related tables.

    Posted 04-05-2017 02:00
    QuickBase uses Highcharts for their charting package. Although HighCharts is a general purpose library capable of producing a wide variety of charts:

    HighCharts Library

    QuickBase has tightly bound specific charts to queries of table data. As a result if there is no control or setting to manipulate in the chart builder page you have no native option to modify the chart's characteristics. At this point you have to options to get a custom chart:

    (1) use a three step process to create a fully custom chart (a) gather your raw date using JavaScript and the QuickBase API, (b) process the data (count, filter, aggregate, bin etc) using JavaScript and libraries such as jQUery and Underscore, (QuickBase uses these libraries so they are already including on your page), and (c) throw the processed data into the setting object of HighChart along with all the other parameters that define the chart.

    (2) If you desired chart just needs a few tweaks to a QuickBase rendered chart you can use the technique demoed in the application to modify the chart:

    Un-HighCharted Waters ~ Click Green Button

    In both cases the demos render a QuickBase chart and then after a delay re-render it with a small change. The delay is just to bedazzle you - in a production application the change will show up almost instantly.

    The change you want can be observed in these two jsFiddles and you can observe the slight differences in code by comparing the JavaSccript tabs as well as looking at the screenshot below:

    Before Change

    After Change

    Taken together the changes delete the second axes and tell the second time series to use the first axis definition.

    As applied to your chart you would have to follow a similar procedure as in the Hylo demo. What the code in the Hylo demo does is render the native QuickBase chart, extract the settings object and modify it and then re-render the chart. This may sound wickedly complex but the code is short.

    If you need further assistance implementing this feel free to contact me off-world using the information in my profile:


  • 3.  RE: Mass upload to a specific table while leveraging fields from related tables.

    Posted 04-05-2017 02:02
    Nuts - I mistakenly posted the answer to another question in this thread. Let me look at the question ...

    Okay I read the question. Basically there isn't enough information in your question to provide an answer. A detailed description of your QuickBase fields, tables and relationships is needed as well as a description of the columns of data in your import data. Also, a well thought sample of data to serve as a test case would be great.