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Filter Report by Record ID#

  • 1.  Filter Report by Record ID#

    Posted 06-10-2019 13:08
    I have a table with near 15,000 records and would like to export all of the records. With the 5,000 record limitation for export, I thought a good idea would be to filter 3 separate reports by Record ID#; i.e. the first report would be filtered for Record ID#'s 1 to 5,000, the second report 5,001 to 10,000 and the third report 10,001 to 15,000.

    The reports come up blank and I do not understand why.

    I tried to also include a formula numeric field with the [Record ID#] as the body of the formula. The numeric value compiles and displays correctly, but will not filter the reports.

    Please Help!

  • 2.  RE: Filter Report by Record ID#

    Posted 06-10-2019 15:04
    Can you create a report with the Record ID# as one of the columns and sort by Record ID# from low to high to confirm your lowest Record ID# is within your filter range. I have a table with around 20,000 records in it, and when I tried to replicate the same thing and noticed the same error, so I sorted a basic report with the RID# and noticed my lowest RID# starts at 13,379 for whatever reason.

  • 3.  RE: Filter Report by Record ID#

    Posted 06-10-2019 19:44
    Thanks for taking the time Jordan, my lowest record ID was 49641. I apparently deleted many, many records while getting the table set up just right and failed to take this in account when creating the report filters.