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API_PurgeRecords on a Connected Table?

  • 1.  API_PurgeRecords on a Connected Table?

    Posted 05-14-2018 21:00
    Is there a way to delete all the records in a connected table with Webhooks? I am trying to use API_PurgeRecords to accomplish this, however I keep getting Error Code 3 saying:

    <errtext>Insufficient permissions</errtext>
    <errdetail>Oops.  You don&#039;t have permission to access that page</errdetail>

    I am assuming QuickBase doesn't allow this call on Connected Tables, as the only way I see to delete the data is to use the App Management section... but I really need to be able to delete this records automatically via a webhook instead of manually.

  • 2.  RE: API_PurgeRecords on a Connected Table?

    Posted 05-15-2018 00:10
    When you have a connected table you are never allowed to delete records manually or with a API.  The whole point of a sync table is to be in Synch with the source table.  

    If your source table was a csv file, then you could load a csv with no records in it, and set the Sync to mirror the csv file exactly ands that would purge the table.  That is the only way I know.

    If the source was another type of cloud based source or a Quick Base table, you could adjust the filer on the Sync and set it to a way that would not allow any records in.  That would also purge the table if the Sync was set to mirror the source table as opposed to add to it.