Straight CSV Import - field names dont match

  • 1.  Straight CSV Import - field names dont match

    Posted 12-04-2018 05:22
    When using the Import from a CSV file, periodically the field name is different - no space, added space, etc.  When that happens, Quickbase automatically selects a seemingly arbitrary field to chose to load the column. 

    This seems like a defect, not a feature.  if a column name does not exactly match up, the import function should either deselect that column or default it to an 'Undefined' column. 

    Either way it should NOT select a column.  Late at night, it is easy to not notice something like that, the data looks fine since everything lines up.  There should be a color warning and an indicator that the column does not match, or the ability to create a new column (I saw something abut this in other posts...)