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Default Report Behaviors

  • 1.  Default Report Behaviors

    Posted 02-09-2018 16:50
    Here is a list of behaviors I have noticed with the Default Report. The Default Report is the report that appears on every table Home page in an app (not the App Home page).

    1. It affects the Save & Next button behavior when in Settings. Example: Set sort order of Default report to Record Id and then go to Settings and click the top field. Now click Save & Next. You will traverse through the Fields by the sort order you set on the Default report.

    2. It is the report used by the Search Widget on the Home page.

    What this means is making modifications to the Default report affects these features of the App as well. While the Save & Next thing is prolly not a big deal, the Home Page Search widget is gonna be inconvenient. 

  • 2.  RE: Default Report Behaviors

    Posted 02-09-2018 16:56
    Hi Jim,

    That is correct that the Default Report does set some standard behaviors like reports that are generated on the fly, the Save and Next button behaviors, default search widgets, etc. It serves as the standard for a number of behaviors. 

    In regards to the Search Widget on a Dashboard, if there are concerns about the Default Report changing and affecting your Search widget it is an option after you select the table for a search widget to set it to All Searchable Fields, a selection of fields you choose, or to a specific report in that table. So if you are worried about the Reporting Defaults changing affecting your Search widget behavior typically we suggest you set it to a report that contains the fields, order, and filters you would like for that search widget.

    I hope this information is helpful Jim and if not could you give me more details on what kind of alternative you would be looking for?