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API Connection To Third Party Software

  • 1.  API Connection To Third Party Software

    Posted 06-19-2017 23:02
    New Opportunity

    This may be lengthy so please forgive me...

    I am interested in connecting an app to a third party software called PlanGrid. PlanGrid is a blueprint management program (upload, markups, RFI's, highlight, versions, etc)

    PlanGrid seems to have a decent API for connecting to their software but I am a little out of my league on this one. They have a web based option, a Windows App and a mobile app.

    API Documentation....https://developer.plangrid.com/docs/introduction">https://developer.plangrid.com/docs/introduction">https://developer.plangrid.com/docs/introduction


    Here is what I want to attempt to do:

    When we create a project in our app, PG has a Create Project API as well....we seem to be creating all of the information needed to achieve that in PG.

    Next step would be to upload a drawing to a project, edit it in PG and have that drawing reside as a file attachment in the project. When I attach the drawing in QB, it would also upload to PG under the project.

    I see it, I get it, not sure where to start. I am having a call with one of their software engineers and also to get setup with them and get a user token for their software as well as to provide them with out QB account information so that their software will allow a connection from us.

    Just looking for some ideas and direction on what type of pages I need to build to get started

    Have some place holders already started....easy part is done!


  • 2.  RE: API Connection To Third Party Software

    Posted 06-22-2017 18:13
    The essential question  is if the API response includes the following header:

    Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

    If this header is not set the Same Origin Policy will prevent you from accessing the API from QuickBase alone (you will have to use a server to proxy the response).