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Send information within Quickbase to an external URL

  • 1.  Send information within Quickbase to an external URL

    Posted 02-16-2019 22:12
    Well, I haven't been around here for 1 year since my coop ended at the place I was at that was using Quickbase but they asked for help on something so now I got some questions with some more advanced stuff. 


    Sister company has custom reporting software to auto fill documents.We would like to use it as well. I just need to get the info out of Quickbase and send it to the URL I have been given.

    My Research

    From what I have gathered searching, this will take a custom code page, since I can click and API call to get an XML dump on my page natively but I can't redirect it  natively

    I have two options from reviewing the API, either get record info or do query. Given I do not need to get all of the fields out of a record, I feel that do query is my best option.

    Desired Method of Use

    I have made so many nested URL buttons, for user friendliness, I would like to keep it a button. So from what I gathered, I will have them click the button that loads the custom code page to send the data.

    First Step

    I am now starting to work on a hard coded page. In this page, I am essentially going to hard code 


    Which should return the information from only one record as record ID 6201 is distinct since it is the primary key for that table(for the time being I am just returning one field till I know it is working). I will know its working because I can keep swapping record ID I am hard coding and watch the field I am returning changing.

    So the real challenge I am asking is, in a formula URL button that will load the custom code page, how can I pass the record ID from the record they are in to the API request as something like 

    URLRoot() & "db/" & [_DBID_CLAIMS_OR_PROJECTS] & "?a=API_DoQuery&udata=mydata&query={3.EX." & [Record ID#] & "}&clist=6.7&fmt=structured"

     Won't work in a code page

  • 2.  RE: Send information within Quickbase to an external URL

    Posted 05-16-2019 18:13
    is the custom code page HTML or a JS page that's executed?

    if it's HTML it can be passed as a parameter... if you simply have JS executing on page QB has a global variable called kRid... it is the record ID of the current page.

    for JS code pages I generally go something like:

    const RecID = kRid;

    and then I can use RecID anywhere in my JS code...

  • 3.  RE: Send information within Quickbase to an external URL

    Posted 05-16-2019 19:29
    There is also this. Easier to link than explain, scroll to the bottom.