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Export list of all reports workaround

  • 1.  Export list of all reports workaround

    Posted 07-30-2018 09:40
    To save a list of all reports to Excel (I had no issues, but you can test first using backup copy of your App)--
    1. In QB, go to Settings>App Management>Manage Reports, place cursor at beginning of list (not the column headings) and hold your mouse down to select all rows and columns on the page.
    2. It will highlight the selections (mine shows up as Blue color). I am using Windows 10, Chrome. 
    3. In Excel, Paste Special (as Text). It will place data into rows and columns.
    4. Go back to QB and go to the next page of reports and repeat process. 
    5.When I paste into Excel, the first row's columns do not line up with remaining columns so I insert a cell  to shift to right. After I line up columns, I type column headings into my Excel file.
    Note: In Excel, your Last Used column will show blanks for reports where Used Count=0, and some Dates will not Format to Date when you Format Cells in Excel - Reason is QB has entered a period "." to abbreviate Feb to Feb. so Find/Replace the "." to delete the "." and your date will format in Excel.

  • 2.  RE: Export list of all reports workaround

    Posted 08-02-2018 05:57
    This is easy to do with script. On the ?a=ReportList page there is a JavaScript variable gReportsRaw which holds a record for every report and includes these fields:

          id: "bnsusb2bg_1",
          qid: 1,
          tableDBID: "bnsusb2bg",
          tableName: "Ps",
          type: "Table",
          isChart: false,
          chartType: "",
          name: "List All",
          groupID: "0",
          groupName: "Common",
          description: "All PS",
          usedCount: 0,
          usedLast: null,
          usedLastText: "",
          usedLastShortText: "",
          isPersonal: false,
          ownerName: "",
          ownerUID: "0",
          canCopy: true,
          canDelete: false,
          isRevealedByAdmin: false,
          usedByNumSubscriptions: 0,
          usedAsDrillDownReport: 0

    Via script you can access gReportsRaw and extract the fields you need to export.

    Here is the code and screenshot of accessing four specific fields from the 29 reports:
    console.table(gReportsRaw, ["tableDBID", "qid", "tableName", "description"]);