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How to copy table to other App

  • 1.  How to copy table to other App

    Posted 09-13-2017 13:10
    Looking for copy a table to other application, just to facilitate the form replication. The QBS support shows that with Application manager role, on Table home page "More Option" contains "Copy table". But we are not able to trace the same. 
    http://help.quickbase.com/user-assistance/?_ga=2.10392828.891656792.1505297210-1961613274.1503029529...">http://help.quickbase.com/user-assistance/?_ga=2.10392828.891656792.1505297210-1961613274.1503029529#1/copying_a_table.html?Highlight=copy">http://help.quickbase.com/user-assistance/?_ga=2.10392828.891656792.1505297210-1961613274.1503029529... table

    We also tried to copy app (as whole) on temp basis, extract the table and move it to new app. We are still not able to move the table using this method.

  • 2.  RE: How to copy table to other App

    Posted 09-13-2017 13:27
    The ability to copy a table will come on September 27th release. https://community.quickbase.com/quickbase/topics/september-2017-release-notes-aeg8lvcrfybg5

    But you can do it the old way for now, which is to copy the while app, then go to the new app and Settings, App management and Absorb a table.

  • 3.  RE: How to copy table to other App

    Posted 09-22-2017 01:43
    Actually, I just tried it - copying a table from one app to another - and it worked!  From the table Home page > More > Copy table.