Hyperlink, Parent record & child records

  • 1.  Hyperlink, Parent record & child records

    Posted 04-21-2018 00:46
    Need to create a hyperlink to child records where these parent records should show up in child record table while navigating through drill down through the summary table

    Our requirement is to add a record (Parent) to the existing table
    where the user enters data like allocation time and project type with a
    timestamp (Start date and End date) and created a calculation logic behind the save and close button. 

    But When I am trying to show the data in an individual month in a particular give time frame specified by the user then only child records are visible in the month except parent month were both child records and parent records were shown.

    Here, The main problem behind this is whenever the user enters creates a record and enters into through drill down from the summary page the record only shows the child records which is not a feasible option for the record.

    I am attaching a record where the screenshot shows the step by step process of the issue is facing here.

    Here are some more approaches I did a workaround. Tried using grid edit functionality but saving back to fields is an issue we faced.
    Step 1:

    Step 2:


    Step 4:



    To explain in a simplified manner this issue we are allowing the user to enter data  with common mandatory fields like allocation time, start and end dates and logic behind is we written is to create parent and child records in the single table where we write the custom javascript to generate calculated values and push them to summary table, But while navigating through we are not able to filter parent record to show on individual reports.

    Appreciate your help.