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Limit Projects Listed in Drop Down List

  • 1.  Limit Projects Listed in Drop Down List

    Posted 01-09-2020 15:31
    I have a table called Projects, with a child table called Project Tasks, and each Project can have multiple Project Tasks.
    Each Project can be set to have one or more users "working" on it (a field titled Group - Users List, which is a lookup field in the Projects Task table), and I've used that field to great effect to limit what projects can and can't be seen by different users (both for confidentiality and for a clutter control)

    My current problem is that I have put together a timeline chart for individual projects, with a filter of "Where Project Name is equal to <ask the user>". In practice, the user clicks on the report link, and the first screen they get is a drop down list where they can select which project they want to look at.

    Unfortunately, it contains a list of ALL projects, and I cannot figure out how to limit that list, either by current user (so users can only see what projects they are part of) or by project status (so projects marked as completed don't clutter the list).
    I've tried updating the filter to read: "Show tasks where all conditions are true: Project name is equal to <ask the user> and Project - Group - Users List includes <the current user>", but all that does is if a user not part of a project clicks on a project, they don't see any tasks.

    Any thoughts for how to limit what projects get populated into the dropdown list?

    Graham Haskin

  • 2.  RE: Limit Projects Listed in Drop Down List

    Posted 01-14-2020 11:13
    Hi Graham,

    Currently you are just limiting their view on the reports to those who are in that field. Do they typically have a need in other places to see data from other records (for example in summary reports that might be in use, via summary fields that show up on other tables, etc)? It is possible to go into the role that users are in and set the permissions for that role to restrict all users in that role to only seeing records where that user field contains them. Then instead of just having a report filter for the records they could see at the highest permissions level Quick Base would only be allowing them to see records (including in dropdowns like the ones you mentioned) they have access to for their role. This can be set table to table, though it only works if they don't need that data from the records they currently aren't seeing for other parts of your process.

    Evan Martinez
    Community Marketing Manager
    Quick Base