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Complicated App Access Based On 2 Criteria

  • 1.  Complicated App Access Based On 2 Criteria

    Posted 07-02-2018 13:46
    I need to provide access to the application based on the [Role] a person has within the organization (Engineer, Lead, Administrator, Management, HR, etc.) and___ by the particular  project [Team] they work on (Team A, Team B, or BOTH).  _And_, a Team A projects need to be accessible to any resource in Engineering, Lead, and Admin.  The Roles allow an engineering member to see their open projects, tasks, and sub-tasks, allow the team lead history to travel with the role and not the user, or allow the team admin to see deeper into projects in areas that an engineer or lead is not allowed.

    To top it off, these roles and teams are fluid.  We rotate leads approximately every 6 months, if an admin is sick and must be covered, or engineers shift from Team A to B or cover both.  So the App Administrator(s) will need to change the [Role] to something new, as needed, with a minimum of work - one or two places max is preferable.

    I setup a working variant based on these two items:



    Currently, it is functioning in a sandbox app and it works, but it is extremely ugly!_  For each engineer, lead, and admin there are 3 Users() which means 9 relationships from the Roles table to Projects and those 9 must flow through the entire app.  Add to that, company management, HR, Payroll, clerical staff and access by our Client and the app access becomes unwieldy.  Plus, now I have to build in specific fields that are auto-populated with each new project just to carry that through all tables.  Gotta say, either I am making this way to hard or there is a simple solution that I have no idea 

    Fortunately, there is 1 field that is consistent across all Projects for a reason, and that is [Team].  This allows reporting of a project to happen based on Team A or Team B as needed.

    Before making this final, is there a better way?  Is it possible to create a Team Group within the Quick Base Roles table, assign a resource to one of those, and then reduce the relationships by 2/3?

    Other thoughts? 

  • 2.  RE: Complicated App Access Based On 2 Criteria

    Posted 07-10-2018 20:48
    in the table you can set access to only see certain records. If you create a group for each Team then you can set the access within a table to show each team only that Groups records. Unless i am missing something that seems way easier.

    To create groups: User settings->Manage groups
    To set access: Table Settings->Access change the drop downs to Group's Records