IOL Technique: Changing column widths and colors

  • 1.  IOL Technique: Changing column widths and colors

    Posted 10-14-2018 03:16
    I have a form with multiple grid and table reports on it. I would like to adjust the column size of several of these reports because I do not have enough control with the limited Quickbase internal "auto" and "no wrapping". 

    1. I found the IOL command to change the width of grid edit fields here: 
    // Insert where needed
    $('.gridEmbCell [qbfid="148"]').css({'min-width':'400px'})
    // insert the field ID you want to make larger after "qbfid=" 
    // set your width with 'min-width'
    But what is the command for just a regular table report field?

    2. I have multiple tables, as I mentioned. I'm currently using this IOL code to color the top grid edit report on my form (thanks Dan!) - table A for ease of reference.
    $("table#gridTable_2000 tr td:nth-child(5)").css("backgroundColor", "yellowgreen");
    $("table#gridTable_2000 tr td:nth-child(9)").css("backgroundColor", "yellowgreen");
    $("table#gridTable_2000 tr td:nth-child(11)").css("backgroundColor", "yellowgreen");
    _However, I have two tables below Table A, Table B and Table C. Table B and C don't have 11  columns like A, they only have 3. I'd like to color Table B's column 1 and Table C's column 2. Can I do that with IOL? And if so, what is the command to refer to separate tables? 

    Thank you!