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Having a field from Table A editable from Table B

  • 1.  Having a field from Table A editable from Table B

    Posted 11-28-2018 19:32


    I?d like to take two fields from Table A (Tickets) and have them appear and be editable in Table B (Service Reports).

    Our workflow (simplified) is as follows: upon receiving a service request from a client we create a Ticket. After the work is completed, our technician fills out a Service Report. (The two tables are related, one Ticket can have many Service Reports).


    In the Tickets table, there?s a Text ? Multiple Choice field called ?Stage? and a User (lookup) field called ?User? (which is being pulled from a relationship with a field called Staff Members).

    I?d like to have those fields appear in the Service Report form, so when the tech is filling out the service report, he can also change the stage and user of the ticket.


    Anyone know how this can be done?




  • 2.  RE: Having a field from Table A editable from Table B

    Posted 12-03-2018 16:16
    Hi Elisha,

    What you are looking to do is roughly possible with the use of report link fields. A report link can be used to match up and display records on another table by comparing two fields. For example in your instance since your Service Reports are related to your Tickets you can set up a report link that will display on your Service Report table to show its parent Ticket by matching the Related Ticket field in your Service reports to the Record ID in your Tickets table. That way it will only show the related parent Ticket. 

    Then once that field is set up you can customize your form and if you look at the options available on your report link there is a checkbox to make the report link editable on the form. This way you can set up the report link to show the fields you want to be able to edit on the ticket, and when you edit the Service Report those fields will show up in the report link as editable as well. This would allow you to change values on both tables at once. 

    I hope this information is helpful Elisha.