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Converting numbers to negative

  • 1.  Converting numbers to negative

    Posted 03-01-2017 19:21
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    I have a report where I am summarising stores by FY.  There are stores we are adding or there stores we are closing.  There is a development type we use to categorise. Is there a possibility that we could create a summary report where all closures are denoted as negative number to get the right summary totals?

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    Posted 03-01-2017 19:22

    No problem, Just make a formula numeric field called perhaps [Net Store Openings] that calculates +1 if the event was the store opening and calculates to -1 if the event was a store closing. Then make a summary report based on that field.
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    QuickBaseCoach App Dev./Training , Mark Shnier, Principal
    QuickBase Solution Provider 25 days ago


    Thanks. This is a good solution to calculate net position. As I need to show actual number of closed and opened, in the summary I would still need to denote my closures as negative. Any option to achieve that.

    You can summarize a field that calculates a to 1 if a store were opened and then summarize a different field which calculates to 1 when a store is closed and then also summarize the net field.