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Report Link saying youtube.com refused to connect.

  • 1.  Report Link saying youtube.com refused to connect.

    Posted 11-27-2018 14:58
    Goal:   I want to put a URL in the URL field and have it show the video within the Form. 

    Current Solution:    URL Field,  Rich Text Formula Field,  Report Link. 

    Formula in the Rich text Formula field is as follows.  "<iframe width=\"560\" height=\"315\" frameborder=\"0\" marginheight=\"0\" marginwidth=\"0\" src=\"" & [Reference] & "\"></iframe>"

    Note: ([Reference]  is the URL field)

    Report Link  is linked to the formula Rich Text Field. 

    Report Link Currently displays  www.youtube.com refused to connect.   

    Link in the URL field has been changed multiple times.  but it is currently https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9nY5iP1g_4">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9nY5iP1g_4">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9nY5iP1g_4

  • 2.  RE: Report Link saying youtube.com refused to connect.

    Posted 11-29-2018 03:47
    The only place that I know of that Quick Base natively supports <iframe> is on a dashboard. Rich Text fields don't support the <iframe> tag. If you need it to appear on the form your best bet is to use the Image OnLoad technique and use it to script your own HTML into part of the page. There is an article by Dan Diebolt from a while back that illustrates how to implement an <iframe> and I copied his original set up post on how to set up IOL in a form to take a look at as well.

    iFrames: https://community.quickbase.com/quickbase/topics/embedding-an-iframe-within-a-quickbase-form
    IOL setup: https://community.quickbase.com/quickbase/topics/how-do-i-setup-the-image-onload-technique-iol

  • 3.  RE: Report Link saying youtube.com refused to connect.

    Posted 11-29-2018 04:50
    Just put this rich text formula field in your table:
    "<img src onerror='this.outerHTML=\"<iframe width=560 height=315 src=https://www.youtube.com/embed/" & [Youtube ID] & " frameborder=0 allowfullscreen></iframe>\"'>" 
    That's a pretty sweet formula if you ask me.

    Embed YouTube Video ~ Videos Table

    Pastie Database

  • 4.  RE: Report Link saying youtube.com refused to connect.

    Posted 11-29-2018 18:37
    Thanks guys for the input.  _anom the ultimate (Dan Diebolt)   That is actually an amazing piece of code.  So what I have discovered if you notice in my link that I posted above that that link is not an "embeddable" if you will, URL.  So Dan your piece of code works very well.  Making it simple for a person  looking for the youtube ID though is a little different. (I know its not really that difficult but in my situation it is lol)   So what I did is I used a slightly simpler solution but is essentially the same thing.  

    I just made it so that you just copy the embed code as a whole and place it in the URL field which literally requires no code at all.   Just a  copy of the URL field and the report Type shows the video perfectly.   The window size is the only thing  that method does not allow you to customize it just comes through as youtubes standard window size. Which works for me but maybe not someone else.