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Kanban Saved

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    Posted 07-23-2018 15:39
    Hello. I appreciate the Kanban report idea (thank you).  I created the new Kanban report by creating a new report.  I chose the different fields and displayed it before I saved the report.  Expecting to only be testing out the new Kanban,  I moved info around but didn't save.  I went back to the report generation form using the "more customization options" icon but decided not to save the report.  However, the data was changed when I didn't expect since I only displayed but didn't save the report.  Can we have an "undo" button on the Kanban?  I could see the users playing around and not wanting to save their changes and asking me to undo their changes.

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    Posted 07-23-2018 15:54
    Hi Debbie,

    We are really glad to hear you are making use of the Kanban reports and see them helping out with your Quick Base experience. When editing a report and just displaying data there is a way to revert those adjustments you had made since the last time you had saved the report. While displaying the changes you will see the below set of options appear above the report taken from one of our demo Kanban reports. 

    Clicking the Save or the Customize wrench icon will maintain those changes, clicking the revert arrow will return you to the state the report was in before the changes were made to it. Once a report is saved and changed though there is not currently a functionality for a user or an Admin to push a button and roll back the most recent changes. Instead that report would have to be edited back to the original settings and saved again. I hope this information is helpful Debbie and thank you for your feedback and time.

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    Posted 07-23-2018 16:07
    The revert icon is only there if the Kanban has been saved and isn't new.  The change in data is what I'm more concerned about.  When the new Kanban is created and in display mode, the info (or tasks) can be moved around on the Kanban.  Once I move the info to a different swim lane,  the values change in the table.  However, what if I don't want those changes to be permanent and I made a mistake but I don't recall what changes I made.  Can I revert the data back to what it was?  I feel like an "undo" needs to be available.  

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    Posted 07-23-2018 16:10
    I'm especially concerned with users that are "playing" with the Kanban and don't remember their data changes.

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    Posted 07-23-2018 16:13
    That does help to clear things up Debbie. So the concern is not about the report settings being changed but instead the records being changed? In that instance there is not a revert functionality. Records being moved in a Kanban report triggers edit to the records themselves just like opening a record and updating it via a form or Grid Edit so currently there is no revert functionality as they can trigger off Automations, Notifications, and permissions changes as soon as a card is moved for a responsive workflow. Any records moved are updated and would need to be returned to the right status just like any record change in Quick Base.

    If you feel a record revert option for Kanban would be a beneficial feature in Quick Base, I would encourage you to submit feedback regarding this via our Feedback Platform - UserVoice - Which can most easily be accessed from the My Apps page in Quick Base by clicking on the orange Feedback tab or at http://quickbase.uservoice.com . Our product development team working on Kanban is still actively working on future enhancements based on customer feedback. I have put this into our internal feedback but a user voice also helps to track how may other users share your need visibly, and you can include a link to it here in Community so others that find this post and share your concerns can put their vote in as well. 

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    Posted 07-23-2018 16:17
    Yes, always more concerned about the data.  The users could really mess the data up if they got to "playing" with the Kanban features.  I probably won't put a Kanban into the app until I find a way to revert or, at least, have an idea of the data before someone starts moving things.  Even if there were a "save" button,  I'd like that for the users so they know what they are saving.

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    Posted 07-23-2018 16:20
    Thank you for your help.  I'll make the suggestion.