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Need help with notifications and hiding fields?

  • 1.  Need help with notifications and hiding fields?

    Posted 11-09-2017 16:07
    I have an application in which there are 2 roles, supervisor and employee. A form in the application contains supervisor reviews on employee performance. Some fields are accessible by employees and supervisor needs to comment on those fields. My problem is, the comments field need to be hidden when employee logs in and enters his side of information. When supervisor comments on that information, the comments need to be visible to employee role. Also, employee must know that supervisor has completed his review by some kind of notification so he/she can view those comments. 

    Should I make the comments view only? How is that done? Or devise a functionality to accomplish the above task

  • 2.  RE: Need help with notifications and hiding fields?

    Posted 11-09-2017 16:41
    You can easily make the comments view only to the role of employee by going into application settings/Roles, select Employee role then over to the last permissions column named Fields, select Custom Access. Find that comments field and make it view only.

    On that same permissions page for the Employee role, you should also limit which table record can be viewed and/or modified by that specific employee so everyone with the employee role only sees their review. This should be easy if you have that employee's name on the form which is populated as a user name field. Let's call it Employee Name. Then in both View permissions and Modify permissions' drop down, select Custom Rule. Then just set it to say... when [Employee Name] field = current user.

    You can set up a Notification for that table that is triggered when a certain field is completed by the supervisor that will send an email to the Employee in that Employee Name field.

  • 3.  RE: Need help with notifications and hiding fields?

    Posted 11-09-2017 17:54
    Thank you that was very helpful, but when I select custom rule there is no option to select Current user, also my employee name comes from a different table Employees which is related to the table where comments and other fields are stored. 

    Is there anyway to hide comments and notify the employee once the comment fields are populated? 

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    Posted 11-09-2017 18:35
    Okay, a couple of questions....
    1. Are the employees actually in the application user list?
    2. Will the employee input go into the same form & table as the supervisor?
    3. Just to confirm, you only want an employee to see the comments and other review info for his or her situation, right?
    4. What is your "work flow"?  i.e. Supervisor starts record > Sends to Employee for input > Supervisor gets it back to finish > then back to Employee as a finished product

    You can hide fields or even sections of a form based on Dynamic Form Rules that show or hide if certain parameters are met. i.e. hide Supervisor comments until a checkbox is True ....so when the supervisor wants the employee to see the comments he/she checks the box on the form (and only the Supervisor role can see or edit the checkbox). When that checkbox is complete, it will fire off the notification to the Employee to open the form and see the comments. _

  • 5.  RE: Need help with notifications and hiding fields?

    Posted 11-09-2017 19:48
    -Employees and Supervisor work on the same form.
    -Yes, the employee input will go into the same table as supervisor. 

    Employee selects his/her name from a drop down, which auto populates his id, location etc , on the second tab he fills all other information. 
    On the third tab, employee fills his achievements in a text box and on the same tab supervisor looks at all the information entered and rates employee through different fields and radio buttons. Also there are fields where he can comment on why employee was given such a rating. I need to hide those comments fields which are plain text, when they are empty and when supervisor fills all the information I want employees to be able to see it.  

  • 6.  RE: Need help with notifications and hiding fields?

    Posted 11-10-2017 12:37
    I'm not sure how you are hiding other employee records from each employee so when an employee opens up the app, they do not see everyone's review. I can only assume you have figured out how to do that without using QB user id.

    Anyway, you could have two fields for the supervisor comments. One, a text field hidden from the employee role [ER Comments] and a formula text field that has the formula making the text = the supervisor's comment field entry text. If you want control by the supervisor as to when the Employee's copy of the comments is populated, put a checkbox field (only available to Supervisor) that when checked, populates the other field.  If([Show to EE]=TRUE,[ER Comments],"")

    If you don't care if the Supervisor needs that control, just make the Employee Comment formula field = Supervisor Comment field and read only.