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Status Formula Based on Numbers

  • 1.  Status Formula Based on Numbers

    Posted 11-20-2018 21:51
    I want to create a status formula titled "Income Status" with just one option "Over Income"

    The fields i am using is titled "Total Number of Household Members" which is a formula numeric field and "Total Monthly Income".

    So if the Total Number of Household Members is equal to "1" and the Total Monthly Income is greater than $1264 then change the "Income Status" to "Over Income". 

  • 2.  RE: Status Formula Based on Numbers

    Posted 11-21-2018 14:19
    Hi Steph,

    In your Income Status field you most likely want something like

    If([Total Number of Household Members]=1 and [Total Monthly Income]>1264, "Over Income", "") 
    That way it will evaluate for those two conditions and if they aren't true it will simply stay blank. It might need to be adjusted if your field names are slightly different in your table. I hope that is helpful as a starting point.