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Summary Report with zero assessments

  • 1.  Summary Report with zero assessments

    Posted 09-26-2018 14:09
    I'm trying to create a summary report of consultant assessments. I have two tables.
    • consultants
    • assessments
    I am trying to list any consultant that does not have any assessment.

    Ideas on how to accomplish this?


  • 2.  RE: Summary Report with zero assessments

    Posted 09-26-2018 14:17
    I'm assuming you have a one-many relationship here, with Consultants having many Assessments. 

    It sounds like what you want is a summary field, which you can then use to filter a regular report. You can set up a summary field called # of Assessments on the consultants table to count all related assessments. Then, you can simply filter any report to only include consultants where # of assessments = 0