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'Internal Error'

  • 1.  'Internal Error'

    Posted 03-21-2018 05:28
    A few users over the past week or so having had issues,. They reported when trying to add data that an 'internal error' message  kept coming up.

    I have now experienced it myself..

    Any ideas anyone ??? (image attached)

  • 2.  RE: 'Internal Error'

    Posted 03-21-2018 21:33
    I've seen this random error before.  We determined that it had to do with some 'conditional' reference fields on the form.  
    It was years ago, so I can't remember the details, but just an idea to help you look at.  

  • 3.  RE: 'Internal Error'

    Posted 03-21-2018 22:53
    Thanks Neil.

    It started out that the error just happened randomly but now its a major issue for our users.

  • 4.  RE: 'Internal Error'

    Posted 03-22-2018 07:54
    i have now tried everything that I can think of to try and resolve this but to no avail...

    The users are still having the same issue.... VERY FRUSTRATING........

  • 5.  RE: 'Internal Error'

    Posted 03-22-2018 13:10
    Maybe a support ticket.  its hard to tell without getting in there, so they might be able to help.  Sorry I couldn't more.

  • 6.  RE: 'Internal Error'

    Posted 03-22-2018 13:12
    Hi Damien,

    For this particular table do you have any script running or any custom html on the page? Does it only ever happen in the mobile version like your screenshot above or does it also happen in the desktop version? Is it confined to a single table or is this happening on multiple tables? Within that table is it only happening on one form or all the forms?

    I agree with Matt if you don't currently have a support case in with Quick Base Care I would suggest creating one. That way a Care Rep can get an invitation into your application to try to isolate what is causing this issue. They can do some testing with the fields and forms to see if it might be a script or html that isn't loading correctly.