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Hide Web URL On An Exact Form

  • 1.  Hide Web URL On An Exact Form

    Posted 04-06-2016 02:32
    I want to email a non user a link to a quote which they can view online. But I want to hide some of the URL so they don't know how to change the record id at the end and see someone elses quote. When designing web pages I would use a frameset with the following code in the html.

    <frameset border=0 rows="100%,*" frameborder="no" marginleft=0 margintop=0 marginright=0 marginbottom=0>
    <frame src="http://www.URL.com" scrolling=auto frameborder="no" border=0 noresize>
    <frame topmargin="0" marginwidth=0 scrolling=no marginheight=0 frameborder="no" border=0 noresize>

    This code would show them visitor the same url for any page they visited on the website. Is it possible to do something like this through QuickBase?

  • 2.  RE: Hide Web URL On An Exact Form

    Posted 04-06-2016 02:52
    At the risk of sounding like a shill for Juiced, I do love their product and it produces a real PDF or docx.

  • 3.  RE: Hide Web URL On An Exact Form

    Posted 04-15-2016 15:54
    You can create a script tag, then do a  history.pushState( {} , 'ERP', "test"); this will change the url, but you have to be very mindful when you do that. What I would recommend is you add a token to the page, then use a query, URLRoot()&"db/"&Dbid()&"?a=s&query={"&URLEncode("'<fid>'.EX.'"&[<token>]&"'")&"}&opts=disprec" then you can pushState back to the query string which will keep the whole thing covered. I am currently use this to allow access but hide the record id, or when a customer takes a survey I hide the parameters. The tokens are usually sha1 forward security hashes but you can use whatever you want, feel free to message me. 

  • 4.  RE: Hide Web URL On An Exact Form

    Posted 02-20-2019 18:13
    Could you help me with this. I would really appreciate it. Where can I send you a private message?