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Formula to show status based on color

  • 1.  Formula to show status based on color

    Posted 06-26-2017 19:56
    I would like to have a text formula field show a button color based on status.  So if Status=Bad, I would like to have a button show RED.  I tried this but it didn't work....

    If( [Status]="Bad",
    "<i m g s r c=h ttps://w ww.quickbase.com/up/bcgnn27bx/g/rdc/eh/va/221-point_red.png>")

  • 2.  RE: Formula to show status based on color

    Posted 06-27-2017 02:54
    Here's a similar formula I have in my application:

    Case([Activity Status], 
    "1 Not Started", "<div style=\"background-color:bisque;width:40\">1 Not Started</div>",
    "2 Ready", "<div style=\"background-color:yellow;width:40\">2 Ready</div>",
    "2 Active", "<div style=\"background-color:yellow;width:40\">2 Active</div>",
    "3 Needs Review", "<div style=\"background-color:orange;width:40\">3 Needs Review</div>",
    "3 Open Workflow", "<div style=\"background-color:yellow;width:40\">3 Open Workflow</div>",
    "4 On Hold", "<div style=\"background-color:orchid;width:40\">4 On Hold</div>",
    "5 Deferred", "<div style=\"background-color:deepskyblue;width:40\">5 Deferred</div>",
    "6 Completed", "<div style=\"background-color:Chartreuse;width:40\">6 Completed</div>",
    "<Unknown Status>", "<div style=\"background-color:red;width:40\"><Unknown Status></div>"

    And here's a different one where I use images:

    "<div><img src=\"https://images.quickbase.com/si/16/282-user_delete.png\"></div>";,
    "<div><img src=\"https://images.quickbase.com/si/16/280-user_0.png\"></div>";