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How Do Obtain HighChart Insight?

  • 1.  How Do Obtain HighChart Insight?

    Posted 04-08-2017 13:08
    How Do Obtain HighChart Insight?

    This is an often sought after life skill. Here is how you do it:

    Create a chart in your application and display it:


    Next open the console (press F12) and paste these commands:

    var chart = Highcharts.charts[0];
    var options = chart.options;
    var jsonString = JSON.stringify(options, null, "  ")
    $("<textarea>").css({width: "100%", height: "200px"}).html(jsonString).prependTo("body");

    These commands will slap a <textarea> onto the top of the page and fill it with all the data that is responsible for uniquely defining your chart.

    Copy this data to your clipboard and Paste it into the Text tab of the JSON Viewer at this URL


    If you now switch to the Viewer tab you can visually explore the structure of all the options that defined your QuickBase rendered chart in preparation for modifying it.



  • 2.  RE: How Do Obtain HighChart Insight?

    Posted 04-08-2017 17:14
    Awesome. I will try this :)

    Thanks Dan for contributing this.

    Gaurav Sharma